Joe Ruggiero

Design icon Joe Ruggiero has been a major influence in North American design for over
30 years – as TV host, spokesperson, magazine editor, consultant, author and
creator of a hugely successful line of home furnishings, textiles and accessories.

Joe’s multi-media work has created a familiarity with millions of consumers who
trust his design sensibilities. He is a credible and in-demand source of design inspiration; a familiar face that consumers trust to guide them through the decorating stages of their lives.

The thread that weaves through each of Joe Ruggiero’s designs is his uncanny ability to combine classic elegance with clean, contemporary style. Over the course of his varied career, Joe has been the recipient of major awards from his peers in interior design and in home furnishings maufacturing.


Candice Olson

Candice Olson is one of North America’s most sought after designer brands and is known as a leading style and design professional.

An authentic and working designer since her early 20’s, Olson established her own interior design firm more than a decade ago. Considered “the one to watch…” by the NY Times, Olson has imparted her unique design style on a diverse array of residential and commercial projects.

In early 2002, Olson launched her #1 rated TV show – “Divine Design.” Eight years later, with the launch of her new show “Candice Tells All”, Candice remains to be cable television’s pre-eminent designer – known by millions of TV viewers for her signature style and trademark sense of humor.

As the namesake and creator of multiple product lines, Olson enjoys sharing her signature style with other design professionals and multitudes of retail shoppers. The designs are sophisticated yet accessible and simultaneously youthful, classic and contemporary. Olson lives and works in Toronto, Canada, is married and has two small children.

“The product collections I have created embody my signature fusion of traditional form, scale and proportions with the simplistic beauty and crispness of modern design. The result, whether for a whole space or individual furnishings, is a look that is current yet timeless; fresh yet familiar. The marriage of contrasts; old and new, minimal and adorned, sleek and lustrous brings excitement and individuality to each piece in your home.”