Luxe Collaborates with Sonya Kinkade Design for Tamarack Model Homes (Eton Model)

Luxe Home Interiors is proud to have recently worked with the amazingly talented Sonya Kinkade Design to provide furnishings and interior design pieces for the Tamarack Homes model town and single family homes at Poole Creek Village. Creating the perfect mix of stylish design with the appropriate amount of flair and personality to appeal to a variety of homebuyers and further enhancing the beauty of a Tamarack home.

In this series of blog posts, we will take a deeper look into the furnishings used from Luxe Home Interiors, and the design visions and inspiration from Sonya Kinkade behind each of the unique model homes from Tamarack Homes.


* Bar stools are from Luxe Home Interiors. 

The look used in the Eton was designed around the bright, vibrant fabric in the drapery. The fabric features several bright colours of fuchsia, orange, blue, plum and grey. This is a colour lover’s dream house, eclectic and fun with both modern and traditional elements. The kitchen was designed with warm grey cabinetry that compliments the bright colours. The custom banquette in the dinning area matches the kitchen with vibrant colours for pillows and a round glass dining table with a gold base. The glass table lets the fabrics shine and gives the illusion of a larger space.

*Dining room chairs, living room sofa, chairs and sofa table at window are from Luxe Home Interiors.

Bold colours were chosen for the furniture based on the drapery fabrics, yet the overall look was kept small in scale using clean lines throughout so the furniture would not overpower the space.

*Bedroom dresser is from Luxe Home Interiors.

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